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Newa PGR 2000 Gravel Cleaner

23.699 Ft

Hang-on aquarium gravel cleaner with efficient filter cartridge to trap the smallest particles. The cleaner utilises a powerful pump for the greatest efficiency. The NEWA Pgr gravel cleaner makes gravel cleaning simple, without the risk of spills or leaks. All electrical parts are insulated and completely submersible, and can be cleaned under running water.

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  • Applications

    Exploded diagram

    1) Flexible inlet hose.
    2) Insulated motor, water resistant and protected
    against overheating.
    3) Filter cartridge with large collection bag.
    4) Reusable cartridge.
    5) Rigid inlet piece with brush.


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  • Use

    Accessories included

    A) Transparent suction tubes;
    B) Rubber hose with elbow;
    C) Rigid inlet piece with brush;
    D) Suction tubes joining pieces;
    E) Cartridge with filter bag;
    F) Inlet filter;
    G) Hose connection.